Business Plans

This blog teaches Businessmen /Enterpreneurs the right way to tackle business plans if they need to write one. It touches on Why do we need a biz plan and what are the things we need to cover in biz plans

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


3 reasons for having a Business Plan

#1 Objectivity

Putting the biz plan together enable us to have a clearer picture of our weaknesses , strength. It will make us able to spot potential oppportunities so as to facilitate early planning.

In short, putting a biz plan make us take an objective, critical & unemotional view of our whole biz project.

#2. Effective Management

Having a sound biz plan will provide the businessmen a tool for effective management of the biz since a full blue-print of the biz plan is already drafted

#3. Communicate Your Vision

Since a plan is already in place. It will make it easier for businessmen to create a visionary statement for their company. All the people in the company will then know the company's vision and very clear on wha